Our Services

We'll make you look good. As a full-service creative agency, Splash Media Group offers a wide variety of services. More than any other creative agency outside the lower mainland. We do this because it allows us to service our clients fully, consistently and effectively.

Web Services


It's about creating a website that complements your business... taking the viewer on a journey with stunning design that flows with your brand, organized for ease of navigation, and with powerful, engaging messaging.

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Print Services

Print Design

Standing out in today's marketing world is a challenge, but it's not just about standing out, it's also about creating a look / brand that enhances your message and clearly helps identify your business from the competition.

Video Services


Video is the most engaging and captivating medium out there. It's also flexible enough to utilize in many areas such as tradeshow material, presentations, training videos, websites, TV commercials and more.

Audio Services


There's a special skill to be creative, yet still get your message across when producing audio for radio or TV commercials, web, presentations and more. Splash can produce powerful and appealing audio messages.

Photography Services


In marketing, compelling photography is one of the most important elements to ensuring your message is complete. Splash Media Group offers professional digital photography and we feature a basic photo studio for shooting product and portraits. We also feature a portable lighting studio that enables us to shoot off site as well.

Interior Design Services

Interior Design

For those who look to bring their brand colours and elements into their business, Splash Media Group offers basic Interior Design services. Here, we have the ability to create floor plans and can consult for colour, fabric, fixtures, furniture, flooring and art.

Media Services


What to spend and where to spend it is a common concern with every business. Splash has extensive experience with making positive buying decisions.

Communications Services


It may not be about what you say, but how you say it. Splash offers in-house and partnered expertise to help you communicate properly and effectively.